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Call for Nominations: MIS Quarterly Editor-in-Chief

A Message to the MISQ Community on

Editorial Processes Amid the CoVID-19 Pandemic

MIS Quarterly Paper of the Year — 2018

MIS Quarterly congratulates Idris Adjerid, Eyal Peer, and Alessandro Acquisti for their paper
“Beyond the Privacy Paradox: Objective Versus Relative Risk in Privacy Decision Making,” which
was selected as the Paper of the Year for 2018.

Copyright Violations

To our authors: Please note that it is a copyright violation to load the MIS Quarterly pdf file of your article to ANY
website, including your own and ResearchGate, for a period of five years from the publication date. After five years,
you may post the paper to your own website or to a university repository. You may NOT post the paper on any other site.

If you have posted your paper to any website, please remove it immediately.